Suppression & Rescue Division

The Suppression and Rescue Division is responsible for the response and mitigation of fire, medical, accident, urban search and rescue, airport and hazardous materials related emergencies. 

The Santa Monica Fire Department has three Platoons, A, B, and C. Each Platoon is managed by a Platoon Commander. The Platoon Commander is the highest ranking Suppression Division Officer with direct oversight of the day-to-day functions of their respective platoon. 

Specialized Units

The Suppression & Rescue Division also has three specialized units available for response that have unique capabilities for incidents involving special hazards or needs. With the exception of the Hazardous Materials Unit (Hazmat) these units are not normally staffed. Personnel with the specialized training and qualifications will move from their regularly assigned units at the fire station and respond with these specialized units as needed. Often, these specialized units will respond and operate in conjunction with similar units from other fire departments to form a regional response to incidents that present unique challenges.

Aircraft Crash/Rescue (AR 5) -responds to incidents involving flammable liquids, primarily aircraft crashes, oil field facility fires, flammable liquid storage and transportation emergencies. AR 5 has the capability of extinguishing flammable liquid fires and securing spills.
Hazardous Materials (Hazmat 4) - responds to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological hazards or any other unknown substances. The Hazardous  Materials team will isolate, make entry into a hazardous area, identify and mitigate the hazard. They also perform decontamination of victims and emergency personnel...learn more...
Urban Search & Rescue- (USAR 2) - responds to technical rescue incidents. These incidents involve victims who are trapped due to earthquakes, building collapse, cave-in, trench collapse, major transportation crash or other incidents where the entrapment exceeds the capabilities of the regular crews. The USAR team will stabilize the scene, make access to and extricate the victim learn more...
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