Fire Safety for People with Disabilities

 Strobe alarm

Smoke alarms and alert devices, called accessories, are available for people who are deaf. Strobe lights throughout the home are
activated by smoke alarms and alert people who are deaf to fire conditions. When people who are deaf are asleep, a high intensity
strobe light is required along with a pillow or bed shaker to wake them up and alert them to fire conditions so they can escape.
Currently this equipment is activated by the sound of a standard smoke alarm. 

Recent research has shown that a loud, mixed low-pitched sound is more effective for waking people of all ages than the loud
high-pitched sound of a traditional smoke alarm. As people age, their ability to hear high-pitched sounds decreases. Research the
available products and select one that best meets your individual needs.

WHERE TO FIND EQUIPMENT Smoke alarms with built in or separate strobe lights can be purchased through home improvement
store websites or by searching the internet for “strobe light smoke alarms.” BRK/First Alert, Gentex and Kidde brands offer this type
of smoke alarm. Smoke alarm accessories such as bed/pillow shakers, transmitters and receivers are available through,
safeawake. com and Make sure any smoke alarm or accessory device you use has the label of a recognized testing laboratory

 Home Safety Tips sheet for People with Disabilities   

 Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities 

 You can learn more about fire safety planning for people with disabilities by visiting the NFPA link below.


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