Scheduling an Inspection


Fire Prevention inspects the life safety components of new building construction, building remodels, and fire protection systems to ensure compliance with the Santa Monica Fire Code.

To schedule an inspection you must have a valid Fire or Building and Safety permit.  The inspection process for various permits can be found below:


Fire Protection System                    Fire Miscellaneous                          
  • ALR - Alarm Systems
  • EXT - Clean Agent (Halon Alternative)
  • EXT - Wet Chemical (Hood) Systems
  • SPK - Residential Fire Sprinkler-13D
  • SPK - Sprinkler and Standpipe  
  • HAZ - Asbestos Removal    
  • HAZ - Aboveground Tank / Underground
  • HAZ - Medical Gas System

  • BLD- Building & Safety
Requesting an Inspection
Fire Prevention has an established protocol for scheduling an inspection. You must telephone the central voicemail and leave you request; please call the Inspection Line at (310)458-8669 and have your permit number ready. Phone calls are returned in the order received. 
Please do not call an inspector to request an inspection, you will be directed to the Inspection Line.

Fire Prevention also offers Off Hours Inspection. To learn more about these options, click here

*The contractor that is permitted to perform the work must schedule the inspection. This means the property owner, business owner and General Contractor cannot request an inspection for an alarm, extinguishing system, hazmat or sprinkler permit.  

Typically, inspections are scheduled Tuesday- Thursday for 8:30am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. If you require an inspection outside of this schedule, an Off-Hours Inspection must be requested.

At the time of inspection, make sure the following are available on-site:
 A copy of the permit
 Approved plans if plan review was required
 The Building Card issued at the time of permit issuance (this is applicable to Building Permits only)
 Any equipment needed to do the inspection, such as a ladder.

*If the job site is not ready for inspection or fails each additional inspection will be conducted at a fee. 

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