Santa Monica Fire Department Volunteer Program

  Want to get involved in the community? Look no further! Volunteering with the City of Santa Monica is a highly
rewarding experience. Have fun, meet new people, and gain job experience - all while participating in the
world around you in a very meaningful way.

The Fire Department has volunteers who help support staff in their mission to provide the community with the best service possible.
Most volunteer opportunities include assisting with clerical tasks, various projects, and community outreach. Currently, the
Fire Department does not have a firefighter volunteer program, or an explorer/cadet program, and volunteers are not considered
volunteer firefighters. Most of our volunteers help support staff assisting with clerical tasks, various projects, community outreach,
and spend little or no time with firefighters or at a fire station. Volunteers for the Fire Department must be 18 year old and pass a
background check.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Fire Department please fill out a volunteer application here.


You can find other current and ongoing volunteer opportunities within the city here. To volunteer, please contact the program directly 



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