Pre-School Visits


Pre-School Visit – Firefighters visit pre-schools with a fire engine, and will do a 15-30 minute review of, stop, drop & roll, get out stay
out, 911, and smoke alarms. Because pre-school visits are so popular, and want to accommodate as many requests as possible, we ask
that visits be arranged for classes with older children, age 5. We also ask that requests be arranged by a teacher or administrator
from the school.   

  • Please allow for 3-4 weeks advance notice.
  • The Fire Department can only accommodate 2-3 requests per month, so please have more than one date available in case your first-choice date is unavailable. An Adult must be present during the entire visit duration. Children should be at least 5 years of age.
  • Sorry, no requests for personal parties and birthday events.
  • To request a pre-school visit please fill out the automated request form.



Outreach Office (310) 458-8761

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