Fire Station Tours



**Fire station tours are suspended during the month of December to accommodate holiday activities.
Fire Station Tours – provide a unique opportunity to meet firefighters and learn about what they do through a hands-on learning
experience. Residents, schools, service groups, and community organizations may take a field trip to their neighborhood station.
Pre-scheduling is requested 3 - 4 weeks in advance of your visit. 

Fire Station Locations
  • Please allow for 3-4 weeks advance notice. 

  • Each tour is limited to twenty people and we require at least one adult per five children. 
  • Because station tours are so popular, and want to accommodate as many requests as possible, we ask that visits be arranged
    for classes with older children age 5 and older
  • Schools requesting station tours must be made by a teacher or administrator from the school requesting the tour.    
  • Fire stations can only accommodate 2-3 requests per month, so please have more than one date available in case your first-choice date is unavailable. An Adult must accompany children during fire station tours.  
  • Sorry, no requests for personal parties and birthday events. A station tour is welcome as part of their event. We ask that you do not hold party festivities such as cake, ice cream or gifts at the station.
  • Please note all stations are working fire stations and crews remain available for response during all tours. In the event a crew is called away during your visit, we will be happy to re-schedule your tour for another day.
  • For small groups of four people or less you can just stop by your local fire station. If the crew is not busy they will be happy to show you the station. Stations are open to the public each day from 9:00AM - 5:00 PM. No special reservation is required for individuals.

    To request a Fire Station Tour please fill out the automated request form.



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