High-Rise Unit

Ryan Demirdjian, Senior Inspector 
Telephone: (310) 458-8665
E-mail: Ryan Demirdjian

  • Inspections of all assigned high-rise buildings.
  • Monitors testing of high-rise building fire and life safety systems.
  • As necessary, witness tests of fire and life safety systems.
  • Observes semi-annual and annual fire drills as needed.
  • Assists high-rise management with development and maintenance of emergency evacuation plans.
  • Provides technical assistance to building management and engineering staff.
  • Inspections of Santa Monica Place (common area only) and all City owned and operated facilities, i.e. 
    City Hall, Libraries, etc. not inspected by the Hazardous Materials Inspection Unit or Health Care/Assembly/Educational Unit.
  • Inspects and tests complex fire alarm systems; fire sprinkler and standpipe systems; fire  pumps;
    fire extinguishing systems; smoke control systems; and clean agent systems to assure compliance with approved plans and national standards.
  • Performs inspections of new businesses, as necessary.
  • Assists Suppression and Rescue Division with inspections and Fire Prevention issues.
  • Investigates complaints involving serious violations.
  • Provides technical assistance to designers and contractors.
  • Performs plan reviews of complex submittals as required.

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